Specification characteristics may change without notice. Dimensions and weights are for preliminary purposes only and are not binding. Please contact a Wolter Power Systems representative for detailed information.
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Engines for Construction Equipment 28-52 kW, 38-70 hp at 2800-3000 rpm

3 and 4 cylinder naturally aspirated in-line engines
Turbocharging also for 4-cylinder engines plus turbocharging andcharge air cooling
Water cooled
Compact engine design
Advanced fuel injection and combustion system
Full linecustomized options
Cold starting ability for extreme climatic conditions
Full power at flywheel end for axial or radialdrives
Two optional side PTOs from gear end cover

Power ratings at flywheel gross, without cooling system.

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Item Number

TD 2009 L04

Brand Name


Last Revision Date

March 2006

Fuel Type


TIER III - Power Ratings for Mobile Construction Eengines

Number of Cylinders



90.0 mm
3.54 in


90 mm
3.54 in


2.290 L
140.0 in³

Compression Ratio

1 : 18

Max. Rated Speed

2800 RPM

Mean Piston Speed

8.4 m/s
1654 ft/s

Power Ratings for Mobile Construction Engines

Power Output to ISO 14396

50.0 kW
67.0 hp

At Engine Speed

2800 RPM

Mean Effective Pressure

9.3 bar
135 psi


190 N·m
140.0 lb·ft

Minimum Idle Speed

900 RPM

Specific Fuel Consumption1

220 g/kWh
0.362 lb/hp·h


210.0 kg
419 lb
1 At optimal operating point. Specific fuel consumption based on diesel fuel with a specific gravity of 0.835 kg/dm3 at 15 °C (6.96 lb/US gallon at 60 °F).
2 Weight to DIN 70020, Part 7A,br>Not including starter motor/alternator, radiator and operating fluids but including flywheel and flywheel housing.



696 mm
27 in


518 mm
20 in


633.0 mm
25.0 in

Your Benefits

• Compact engine, for low cost and space savinginstallations.
• Competitive power to weight ratio.
• Low exhaust emissions meeting 2004/26/EU level III Aand EPA Tier III Option 1 Nonroad.
• Simple design with high reliability.
• Long maintenance intervals reducing after sales cost foryour customers.